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Hi everyone, I am the co-founder of Imperium Sports Magazine. I am a long-suffering Arsenal fan, avid hater of Arsene Wenger and all round lover of the beautiful game. I am also co-founder of Facebook fan-page 'Arsenal Realists'.

The incomprehensible and continual failings of Arsène Wenger

As a life-long Arsenal fan, this is a position that I have grown very used to now... The fans divided and fighting amongst each other, the team playing with no confidence or shape and losing to teams we should definitely be beating, and watching our best players leave to join other Premier League sides with [...]

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Real Madrid v Barcelona: El Clasico preview

This season's first El Clasico is almost upon us, with football fans all around the world eagerly anticipating the newly crowned world champions, Real Madrid, taking on La Liga's runaway leaders Barcelona, who currently sit 11 points clear of their sworn rivals (and eight points clear of 2nd place Athletico Madrid). Surely a win this weekend [...]

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Romelu Lukaku – The great disappearing act

As Manchester United gear up to host their arch-rivals Manchester City this weekend, the question on my mind is ... Will Romelu Lukaku actually show up against one of 'the big 6' sides? Now before you start, please don't get me wrong - I am a big fan of Lukaku's and have been for many [...]

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Chris Coleman – great or just lucky?

With Chris Coleman resigning as manager of the Welsh national side on Friday to become Sunderland's ninth manager in six years, I want to ask the question that seems to divide many in football at the moment... How good a manager actually is Chris Coleman? Coleman took was appointed manager of Wales in 2012, following [...]

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Everton’s new manager – what’s taking so long?

It's now been a whopping 25 days since Everton sacked Dutchman Ronald Koeman, yet still no decision has been made on who his permanent successor will be. I'm getting frustrated waiting to find out, and I don't even support Everton. So I can only imagine how restless you Toffees must be getting at the lack [...]

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North London Derby – a realistic preview

This weekend hosts that fixture that gives all football fans 'the fear'. It's derby day for us Gooners. Now don't get me wrong, that fear is always a mix of positive excitement and nerves in equal measures, but generally speaking it's that unspoken, incurable feeling right in the pit of your stomach, that only football [...]

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Tiki-taka is dead

Who remembers the days of watching the top teams in Europe comprehensively win the majority of their matches, playing silky, fluid football and dominating possession? Seems like a distant memory now, doesn't it. Watching Barcelona win literally every competition they entered for 5 seasons in a row - playing expansive, tiki-taka football was amazing to [...]

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