If you want to change something in your life – start with food!

For this 2nd article in the series, Natalia will talk about moments when her illness caused her to lose motivation and control of her life, by restricting her ability to live the way she wanted, plus she’ll reveal some insights into how unhealthy eating can affect the immune system. Natalia: "When I was suffering with [...]

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Improving your health through exercise and diet

Britain seems to fast becoming a nation obsessed with health and fitness due, in no small part, to a gradual increase in the number of public fitness clubs across the UK. Britain’s largest fitness chain has approximately 175 gyms dotted around the UK, catering for around half a million members. One such fitness club member [...]

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How a fitness tracker keeps you on track

Leading a healthier life is often at the top of our new year’s wish list. But it is sometimes neglected because we get off course and there is no one or nothing to get us back on track. This is where a wearable fitness tracker comes in handy because it holds you accountable for your [...]

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